In Memory of Mr Charles & Mrs Agnes Ngahyoma

"Our mission is to transform the livelihood of orphans and children living in vulnerable environments by providing them with basic needs."
Ms. Neema Munisi
Managing Director
"We invest in the lives of children, build the healthy environments for them, empower them to create lasting change in their own lives. "
Mr. Elisha Swai
Operations Director

Basic needs

Approximately 15 children die around the world every hour due to lack of food or balanced diet. We try our best to provide good food to our children so they can stay healthy and active.


A happy child is a healthy child. We try our best to engage the children in different games and activities to refresh them, and take good care of their health.


H.H.C.F understands how important education is to our children. That is why we ensure that all are enrolled in school so they can learn and grow not only physically but mentally.