1 Corinthians 3:11 | For no one can lay a foundation other than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ.

The Beginning

The Hosanna Home Care foundation was founded in the year 2016 by the Late Mrs Agnes Charles Ngahyoma and her partner Ms. Neema Munisi with support of Mr Charles Ngahyoma with desire to create an alternative quality living environment for orphans and children living in hostile environments that will support their growth mentally, spiritually and physically. Its founding members and support partners are determined to catalyze nourishment of a child’s potential foremost for their own benefit and the benefit of their communities of origin. Our determination is driven by collective value consent of passion, dedication, integrity, professionalism and equality in addressing children needs.

Mrs Agnes Ngahyoma

Guiding Objectives

The foundation’s overall objectives are:-

  • To Provide such welfare services such as housing, health and recreation
  • To provide the Children with their basic needs such as Food, Shelter, Clothing and access to quality health facilities
  • To provide tools and facilities for basic child education
  • To enable a child’s enrollment in formal education system

Registration and Commencement

As a legal requirement to run and operate a foundation of such nature, the founding partners and the board of directors of HHCF completed the registration of the foundation in December, 2016. The registration details are in our Legal Structure page.

In the same period, the late Agnes Charles Ngahyoma and partner Ms. Neema Munisi presented their proposal to Mr. Charles Ngahyoma (Husband to the Late Mama Agnes) to support the project by offering his commercial/residential property located at Sokon I, Arusha to house the initial group of Children that were to be adopted from the rural areas of Manyara, from the Hadzabe Tribe. Their proposal was accepted on the promise that on attaining financial sustainability the project shall be moved to an area (location) that would provide an alternative convenient environment to raise the children to the target standards and develop income generating support facilities that shall, in a long term offer a sustainable financing solution for the project.

H.H.C.F Today

Today a total of 17+ children are housed at the Hosanna Home Care Center in Arusha. Assistants have also been employed to help the children with their daily needs like cooking for them, bathing and other needs. Currently all the center’s financial needs are been catered to by the Centre’s Directors, Ngahyoma Family, Ms. Neema Munisi and friends of the family that visit the center and donate supplies such as food, clothes, toys etc