Philippians 4:19 | And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

Medical Tools

The children at Hosanna Home Care Center are of age 4 – 10 and many are times that they fall sick due to environmental factors such as harsh weather, mosquito attacks, mini accidents while playing etc. The center requires enough medical supplies and a trained and professional health staff to oversee the health of the children at the center and furthermore ensure the center’s environment supports a healthy child’s growth.



Knowing how important balanced diet is, the center needs to improve its dietary composition and include more protein composed foods such as peas, soy beans, beans, nuts; Fruits; Vegetables; grains; and Dairy products and not only food stuffs made from flour (Ugali, Porridge), Beans and vegetables.


Most of the children have very few pair of clothes to wear and change throughout the year. The center’s caretakers do their best to collect clothes in form of gifts from friends and family. As we aim at providing the best growing environment, there is a need for kids to get  more pairs of clothes to avoid wearing worn out clothes.

Beds, Mattresses & Blankets

The center needs additional furniture as sometimes up to two to Six (2 – 6) children have to share a bed during sleeping hours. The center requires new bedroom items to fill up the current gap. This shall avoid to easy transmission of diseases among the children but also support a healthy and comfortable growth.

Cooking Equipment & Utensils

As the number of children we support increases, we need to add more utensils,  cooking tools and equipment. Hosanna home care centers aims at providing quality living standard and this is currently not reflected in the center’s kitchen set up.

School fees, Uniforms and Other fees

The center houses children that are of the right age requiring  enrollment to keep up with their age group and therefore the necessity to register them into other schools while the foundation’s long term plan is still unattainable. The children need uniforms and other school stationaries while being enrolled to school.

Accommodation Utilities

The center is connected to both clean water and electricity and makes satisfactory efforts in making sure there are necessary utilities 24/7 in the compound. Maintaining this standard comes at a financial constraint where monthly utility bills and other bills are currently straining the already very limited to non existing financial support.